Monarch Experts

Datawatch Corporation and Monarch Experts Announce Partnership

How can I audit my models?
Legacy models are a challenge for any organisation seeking to support a business process after key staff have left. Monarch Experts are used to helping customers review, audit and update models and projects. We've developed a unique Visio tool that will let you get a visual overview of the reporting workflow.
Where can we get support?
Monarch Experts are the only providers of enterprise-level support for models and projects. You don't need to recruit or train a Monarch Expert in house, and can focus on running your business, and rely on us to support your users.

Monarch Experts are the leading specialist consultancy supporting the Information Optimization Platform from Datawatch. All the Monarch Experts are Datawatch Certified Consultants, but more importantly, all of us have worked for organisations as Datawatch customers. We know first-hand how Monarch, DataPump and Enterprise Server can help solve real world problems.

Monarch Experts know the challenges you face when trying to deploy the software, of maintaining a legacy of models and projects, of training users effectively, and of delivering a scalable reporting platform that maximises your return on investment.

Monarch Experts can help you to develop a strategy for reporting; to audit your existing processes, to audit your co-workers’ skills to deliver just the training they need, and to deploy the Monarch platform with the security of enterprise-class support for your models and projects.

Monarch Experts are regular contributors to the discussion at and have helped thousands of Monarch users over the last ten years. Monarch Experts are a Datawatch Certified Partner.

What software do we need?
Our wide experience of real-world deployments helps us to give you independent advice on how to get the right configuration to best support your reporting processes. We're used to bringing business and IT stakeholders together to deliver stable, supported and scalable solutions.
What skills do we need?
Our unique skills audit lets you get a quick overview of your and your coworker's Monarch skills, helping you to target your investment in training most effectively so that your users get the most from the software. There's no need to train consumers of reports, but it's crucial to ensure that the designers have a full understanding of the features.