Monarch Experts

Olly Bond

With over ten years' experience using Monarch as well as Datawatch's server products, Olly Bond has a thorough technical knowledge of report mining and how it can be delivered. Olly held sales and consulting roles within Datawatch's European operations, before working for a customer deploying the Monarch technology stack to support SAP reporting.

Olly's presented at two Datawatch Customer Conferences as well as delivering a webinar on advanced Monarch techniques. Through Greenbar Analytics, Olly has built models for over 100 customers and supported over 1000 users on the

Eamon Donoghue

Eamon has over twenty years' experience in business, software development, project management, training and consultancy. With a degree in IT and an MBA, Eamon has worked in the public and private sectors as well as consulting for clients across Europe.

Eamon has been a Datawatch Certified Trainer since Monarch version 9, and has ten years' experience training Monarch end users on public courses as well as within organisations. A focus of his model building consultancy has been on ETL projects to extract, transfer and load legacy data into modern systems.

Scott Eshleman

Scott Eshleman has worked in IT roles in the banking sector for over 30 years, using Monarch versions from v2 on DOS to v11 to extract, transform and load critical data to support operational systems. Scott has used Monarch to streamline and automate processes, introducing proactive data quality controls to detect and reduce errors.

As an enterprise report writer who has frequently used complex report-writing tools to access various data warehouses, Scott also knows the advantages that time-proven, audited and balanced core system reports offer, and how to maximise these benefits using Monarch.

Grant Perkins

Grant has 30 years of IT experience in consultancy, project management,system specification and training roles, for clients ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations around the world. His work with them has focused upon understanding their business, its operational problems and helping their teams recognise how to approach and implement successful and cost effective solutions in often challenging circumstances.

He started using Monarch as a data conversion and rapid reporting tool in 1998 and has presented sessions on advanced Monarch techniques at two Datawatch user conferences. Grant has helped over 2000 Monarch users through .